Here I come with jewel news. Of course, as promised away from the mainstream. Jungle music originated in Jamaica, had its sweaty, hype times in the 90s mainly in the UK, today in the rise again! The very stars of today’s drum and bass scene Chase and Status who always recognized with stick to the culture style in their sound dropped a brand new jungle album!

The band did an extremely original act for producing their new album. Chase and Status khru have been to Jamaica for a week to record the legendary vocals as well as young vocals on the background of dance hall and reggae music; featuring with General Levy, Suku, Kabaka Pyramid, Burro Banton, and New Kidz… What they did is bringing those vocal records back to UK, undress their original background music and dressed them with jungle rhythms. Here is a short documentary about the process of this one of the most genius acts of electronic music.

RTRN II JUNGLE is not only for the subculture diggers, mainstream escapers, and those who love to roll in the flow of drum and bass, but also for those who seek healing for their ears with fast rhythm beats which can actually beat the stress of fast living style of today’s world!

The album released by Virgin EMI records can be listened on Spotify

Bonus track:

This is Jungle is Massive, burning down the bridges of Babylon!

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